TSCA Courses

The objectives of the training are to provide a foundation for TSCA compliance by reviewing the statute, EPA’s administrative and enforcement authority, and specific compliance programs.

  • Phase I Training: TSCA Sections 12 and 13 — This is a one-day training session at a to-be-determined location. Persons identified as “TSCA Coordinators” would attend.
  • Phase II Training — Phase I TSCA training is supplemented with additional training on other sections of the Act. This is also a one-day class.

We will have training materials available for Phase I and Phase II training, tailored for purposes of the training sessions. All training materials are conformed to meet site-specific application and otherwise adhere to company-specific training material standards. Time during the training is also spent developing a TSCA compliance manual and standard operating procedures (SOP), as appropriate.

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