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November 11, 2016

EPA Announces Public Hearing For Proposed Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support Rule

Kathleen M Roberts

On November 10, 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice in the Federal Register for a public hearing for the proposed “Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support Rule.”  The proposed rule, available on EPA’s website, was signed by EPA’s Administrator on October 3, 2016, but has not yet been published in the Federal Register.  This proposed rule will enhance the renewable fuel standard (RFS) program as well as other fuel regulations to support the growth of renewable fuels, including ethanol.  The proposed rule would update the regulatory structure to allow biofuel producers to process and convert biomass at different facilities, update fuel regulations to allow for more high-ethanol fuel blends in flex fuel vehicles (FFV), and permit cellulosic biofuels to be produced from new feedstock sources.  EPA is seeking comment on the programs covered in the proposal, as well as renewable identification number (RIN) generation for renewable transport fuels and regulatory requirements for facilities that could use carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the future production of renewable fuels.  To testify at the hearing, the notice states to contact Julia MacAllister at the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, Assessment and Standards Division at (734) 214–4131 or via e-mail at by November 22, 2016.  The hearing will be held in Chicago, Illinois on December 6, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. (CST).