Regulatory Developments

Turkey Continues Progress Towards Comprehensive KKDIK Implementation And Support

October 16, 2017 PRINT

KKDIK, Turkey REACH, was published on June 23, 2017, after long delays, and will enter into force on December 23, 2017. Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) will make available 13 guidance documents by the end of the year to assist industry with compliance.

Guidance documents to be issued by the end of the year will address the following issues, among others: (1) dossier and substance evaluation; (2) dossier preparation and harmonized classification and labelling; (3) information requirements and chemical safety assessment; (4) scientific research and development and product- and process-oriented research and development; (5) information on chemical risks and safe use; and (6) preparation of Annex XV dossiers for identification of high priority substances. The KKDIK guidance documents are similar to European Chemicals Agency's (ECHA) guidance documents, and will be available only in Turkish.

Turkey’s MoEU will host a seminar on KKDIK in Istanbul on October 27, 2017, to provide industry with detail on important issues under the new law. Approximately 200 industry representatives and other stakeholders are expected to attend the seminar, including local representatives of foreign chemicals manufacturers. The seminar will feature presentations from officials to explain KKDIK requirements, implementation of the requirements, and who is responsible for compliance. The seminar will include Q&As, and will last approximately three hours.

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