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July 10, 2014

EC Posts Meeting Materials from Validation Workshop on Transparency Measures for Nanomaterials

Lynn L. Bergeson

The European Commission (EC) has posted materials from its June 30, 2014, validation workshop to discuss the preliminary results of the study supporting the impact assessment on transparency measures for nanomaterials. The EC is conducting a study to evaluate existing notification systems for nanomaterials and to collect data in support of the assessment of different policy options.  The EC discussed the preliminary results with stakeholders at the validation workshop and invited their input on the study and the related impact assessment. The validation workshop materials include:

  • Agenda;
  • Introduction to the European Union (EU) legislative framework for nanomaterials and the study on transparency measures for nanomaterials;
  • Evaluation of existing nanomaterial notification systems;
  • Hazards and risks of nanomaterials and potential benefits of transparency measures;
  • Nanomaterials markets (value chain characterization, growth, and innovation) and potential impacts of the transparency measures; and
  • Outlook to the assessment of policy options.