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December 24, 2013

IARC Releases More Information Regarding Review of “Some Nanomaterials and Some Fibres”

Lynn L. Bergeson

IARC has posted additional information concerning IARC Monographs Volume 111, “Some Nanomaterials and Some Fibres.”  As reported previously, the Working Group will meet September 30 to October 7, 2014. The call for experts closes January 30, 2014. Requests for observer status are due June 3, 2014. The call for data closes September 3, 2014. In the call for data, IARC states that it seeks “studies that are relevant to the carcinogenicity of the agents that will be reviewed in this volume (carbon nanotubes, fluoro-edenite and silicon carbide).  This includes all pertinent epidemiological studies and cancer bioassays, plus important mechanistic and other relevant data.” IARC notes that “[e]ligible studies should be published or accepted for publication in the openly available scientific literature.