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January 17, 2014

ISO Publishes Report on Development of Nomenclature for Naming Nano-Objects

Lynn L. Bergeson

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published on January 6, 2014, a report entitled Nanotechnologies — Considerations for the development of chemical nomenclature for selected nano-objects (ISO/TR 14786:2014), which is intended to provide information and analyses in support of the development of chemical nomenclature for the naming of “nano-objects.” An earlier ISO report, ISO/TS 80004‑1:2010, defines “nano-objects” as “materials with one, two, or three external dimensions in the nanoscale,” with the nanoscale defined as the “size range from approximately 1 nm to 100 nm.” Nano-objects are further defined as nanoplates, nanofibers, and nanoparticles. ISO states that ISO/TR 14786:2014 “is intended to facilitate communications between developers and potential users of nomenclature including academia, industry, government and non-governmental organizations.” The report is available for purchase online.