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January 13, 2011

Lynn L. Bergeson and Charles M. Auer, “Nano Disclosures: Too Small to Matter or Too Big to Ignore?,” Natural Resources & Environment, Winter 2011.

Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

Determining whether the presence of nanoscale materials in chemical substances, mixtures, and articles triggers a disclosure obligation is complicated. The decision turns on a calculus that includes what law applies, what is known about the presence of nanoscale components, what knowledge standard applies, whether and how a nanoscale material is defined, and an entity’s interpretation of disclosure obligations. This article outlines the state of domestic environmental and securities law and regulatory policy regarding disclosure obligations pertinent to nanoscale materials. The article concludes that there are a growing number of potential disclosure obligations of which commercial entities should be aware, but that the nature of these requirements continues to be fluid and ill-defined.