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March 25, 2014

NanoDiode Survey Seeks European Citizens’ Views on Nanotechnologies

Lynn L. Bergeson

NanoDiode is conducting a survey concerning Europeans’ preferences for nanotechnologies. According to NanoDiode, the results will be used “to inspire policy makers, researchers and companies across Europe.” NanoDiode states that stakeholder engagement and dialogue is essential to the responsible development of nanotechnologies in Europe, and invites lay consumers to participate in the survey. NanoDiode, which is funded by the European Union, establishes a coordinated program for outreach and dialogue throughout Europe.  It integrates engagement activities along the innovation value chain by combining “upstream” public engagement (by way of dialogues that integrate societal needs and expectations into the policy debate) with “midstream” engagement (by organizing open innovation workshops at the level of research and development) and “downstream” strategies for education and communication.