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May 11, 2017

NanoImpact Publishes Special Issue Based on Eighth International Congress of Nanotoxicology

Lynn L. Bergeson Carla N. Hutton

NanoImpact has published a special issue based on work presented at the Eighth International Congress of Nanotoxicology, which was held June 2-4, 2016, in Boston, Massachusetts.  The theme was “A Decade of Nanotoxicology:  Impact on Human Health and the Environment.”  The Editorial by the associate guest editors, Dhimiter Bello and David T. Leong, states that the special issue brings together a collection of 12 original research papers and three review papers.  The collection reflects issues discussed at the Congress — challenges, emerging themes, and concrete outcomes that can be translated to practice.  Of note, according to the guest editors, are the number of papers in the special issue focused on engineered nanomaterials in food and their impact on the gastrointestinal system.  In addition, two papers focus on exposures to engineered nanoparticles from printing and photocopying, providing an example of real world exposure scenarios from nano-enabled products during their life cycle.  The guest editors state that “[s]uch applications along the life cycle of nano-enabled products highlight a number of additional complexities that nanotoxicology had to deal with — limited availability of nanomaterials for testing, physico-chemical and morphological (PCM) properties of released nanoparticles differing from the input nanomaterials, background nano aerosols, lower exposures and dosimetry conversions, and most importantly, chronicity of exposures.”