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October 26, 2015

NanoValid Publishes “Nano to go!”

Lynn L. Bergeson Carla N. Hutton

In September 2015, “Nano to go!” was published.  “Nano to go!” is “a practically oriented guidance on safe handling of nanomaterials and other innovative materials at the workplace.”  The German Federal Institute for Occupational Health (BAuA) developed it within the NanoValid project.  “Nano to go!” includes the following materials:

  • A brochure, Safe handling of nanomaterials and other advanced materials at workplaces, that supports risk assessment and risk management when working with nanomaterials. It provides safety strategies and protection measures for handling nanomaterials, as well as recommendations for storage and disposal of nanomaterials, protection from fire and explosion, training and instruction courses, and occupational health;
  •  Field studies comprising practical examples of expert assessment of safety and health at different workplaces. They contain detailed descriptions of several exposure measurements at pilot plants and laboratories.  The reports describe methods, sampling strategies and devices, summarize and discuss results, and combine measurements and non-measurement methods;
  •  Ready-to-use presentations for university lecturers, supervisors and instruction courses; and
  •  General documents, including useful information, templates, and examples, including operating instructions, sampling protocol, dialogue guide, and short introduction to safety management and nanomaterials.