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October 11, 2013
Kathleen M. Roberts Advocates for NMP Producers Group Before EPA Panel

Inside E.P.A. Weekly Report, October 11, 2013, featured comments made by Kathleen M. Roberts, Vice President of B&C affiliate Bergeson & Campbell Consortia Management, in “Industry Questions EPA Planning Of New TSCA Risk Assessment Program:”
“During the Sept. 26 meeting, the first of three peer review meetings, officials with the NMP Producers Group, an affiliate of the law firm Bergeson & Campbell, told the panelists reviewing DCM and NMP that similarities between industry criticism of those draft assessments and the ones for TCE shows EPA has failed to adequately plan the new program.

“Members of the NMP Producers Group said EPA’s draft assessment of NMP relies on inconsistent assumptions and unrealistic scenarios. EPA also used modeling to estimate certain exposures when agency contractors and industry have data representing actual exposures, the producers’ representatives said. ‘We see no benefit of a model that uses unrealistic assumptions and that gives results that are uncertain and unrealistic,’ Kathleen Roberts of the NMP Producers Group said.”

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