Heidi Brown Lewis

Senior Director, Operations and Marketing


Heidi Brown Lewis, Senior Director, Operations and Marketing for Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C®), manages operations, general business functions, and marketing and business development for our law offices and consulting affiliates in the U.S., UK, and EU.  Ms. Lewis brings over 30 years of business management and marketing experience to our firms, having held senior roles in media and communications companies in the U.S. and Europe.  Ms. Lewis contributes to cost-effective management throughout the organizations, deploying her considerable skills in strategic planning, process management, marketing technology, and personnel development to help our firms deliver outstanding service to our clients. 

B&C, Acta, and BCCM provide a full range of global support for the commercialisation of chemicals, biocides, and products of industrial biotechnology, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology.

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  • BA, Vanderbilt University, Molecular Biology, 1989