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March 17, 2020

RIVM Announces Article on Nanoparticle Exposure and Hazard in the Ceramic Industry

Lynn L. Bergeson Carla N. Hutton

On March 16, 2020, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) announced publication of an article in the May 2020 issue of Environmental Research entitled “Nanoparticle exposure and hazard in the ceramic industry:  an overview of potential sources, toxicity and health effects.”  In the article, the researchers provide an overview of the current knowledge on occupational exposure to nanoparticles in the ceramic industry and their impact on human health.  The researchers present possible sources and exposure scenarios, a summary of the existing methods for evaluation and monitoring of airborne nanoparticles in the workplace environment, and proposed nano reference values for different classes of nanoparticles are presented.  The article describes case studies on occupational exposure to airborne nanoparticles generated at different stages of the ceramic manufacturing process.  Finally, researchers discuss the toxicological potential of intentional and unintentional airborne nanoparticles that have been identified in the ceramic industry workplace environment based on the existing evidence from in vitro and in vivo inhalation toxicity studies.