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July 3, 2014

Silver Nanotechnology Working Group Welcomes New Members

Lynn L. Bergeson

The Silver Nanotechnology Working Group (SNWG) was founded in 2009 as an industry-wide effort to advance the science and public understanding of the beneficial uses of silver nanoparticles in a wide-range of consumer and industrial products. It does this by fostering the collection of environmental, occupational and health, and consumer product data on silver nanotechnology. Since its founding, the focus of the SNWG has been to encourage the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other global regulators towards a clear, responsible, and reasonable regulatory path for nanoscale silver additives in a wide variety of products. The SNWG with the help of its members, consultants, and the Silver Institute will continue to do everything possible to reach this goal as soon as possible. Membership in the SNWG is open to any entity with nanosilver interests that wishes to be updated frequently on nanosilver policy issues and be involved with influencing nanosilver regulatory policy. More information is available on the SNWG website and by contacting Rosalind Volpe, D.PH for membership details.