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May 6, 2021

SweNanoSafe Publishes English Translation of Report from Workshop Series with Education Network and Roadmap for 2021

Lynn L. Bergeson Carla N. Hutton

In fall 2020, the Swedish National Platform for Nanosafety (SweNanoSafe) organized three workshops on education within nanosafety, with the goal of starting and consolidating an education network.  The first workshop focused on the need for education in nanosafety, the second workshop was on available education on nanosafety in Sweden, and the third workshop discussed concrete opportunities to take various education efforts one step further.  On May 5, 2021, SweNanoSafe published Nanosafety and education:  Report from workshop series with SweNanoSafe’s education network and Roadmap for 2021, an English translation of its report summarizing the presentations and discussions conducted in the three workshops and presenting a work plan for the education network in the form of a Roadmap for 2021.  The Roadmap consists of four steps:

  • Step 1:
    • Target Groups — Working group identifies and describes relevant target groups for nanosafety education; and
    • Teaching Materials — Working group collects teaching materials through SweNanoSafe’s education network and research network;
  • Step 2:
    • Sorting — Working group sorts teaching materials that are relevant to cases; and
    • Development — Several smaller working groups continue to develop materials on specific themes;
  • Step 3: Production of teaching modules; and
  • Step 4: Communication and dissemination.

The report states that these four steps form the basis of structured work aimed at improving education on nanosafety in Sweden.  The goal is to initiate Steps 1 and 2 and form working groups that continue to work as described above.  In 2021, according to the report, “the vision is to reach a point where it is possible to test the newly developed education material in the near future on a relevant target group.”