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July 18, 2014

Tetra Pak Emphasizes Renewable Packaging Materials In New Campaign


On July 10, 2014, Plastics News reported that Tetra Pak Inc. (Tetra Pak) is launching a new campaign to promote the importance of responsible material sourcing in the consumer products goods industry. Dubbed "Moving To The Front," the campaign seeks to place a focus on the use of renewable resources — packaging materials that can be regrown or replenished naturally — to protect world's finite resources. As part of the campaign, the company is out with a white paper, "What is Renewability in Packaging and Why Should We Care?" The campaign is targeting suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, non-government organizations, and others to expand their focus beyond the middle and end of the packaging lifecycle "to the beginning," the company stated. The full story is available online. Tetra Pak's white paper, "Moving To The Front: A Call For A New Industry Commitment to Renewability," is available online.