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September 11, 2013

The Acta Group’s Leslie S. MacDougall Untangles Web of Complex China Requirements at ChemCon Asia 2013

Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

Delegates attending the ChemCon conference this week in Seoul, South Korea were given a valuable in-depth look at the complicated landscape of chemical regulations in China. Leslie S. MacDougall presented “An Overview of Regulations on the Management of Chemical Substances in China with Updates and Developments in the New Chemical Substance Notification (NCSN) Scheme,” a session that was covered by BNA Daily Environment Report and the ChemCon Daily.

‘‘‘The administration and management of hazardous chemicals in China is overseen by 10 administrative authorities,’ said Leslie Scott-MacDougall, director of chemical regulatory affairs at The Acta Group, a global chemical consultancy. The conflicting layers of jurisdictional responsibilities and the language barriers necessitating word-to-word translations for chemical notification filings add to the rigor of complying with Chinese chemical regulations, she said. ‘It is really important to maintain reasonable expectations as to the timeline for getting new chemical substances registered in China,’ she said. ‘There is a lot more to consider than cost with regard to the timing of new chemical execution.’ Therefore, it is necessary to ‘investigate and map out timelines for all projects,’ she added.’’ BNA Daily Environment Report, September 11, 2013

“Leslie Scott-MacDougall from The Acta Group shared with delegates practical experience of compliance, shedding light on the structure of ministry committees and the reasoning behind some of their notification and other procedures. She announced to delegates that in recent discussions, she had learned that the authorities are considering a future scheme for existing chemicals not currently regulated.” ChemCon Daily, September 11, 2013.