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December 18, 2014

UK DfT Announces £25 Million In Funding For Advanced Biofuel Plants


The United
Kingdom (UK) Department for Transport (DfT) announced the launch of a £25
million competition for funding to build advanced biofuel plants
The funding will eventually lead to the construction of up to three
demonstration level advanced biofuel plants in the UK. In order to qualify for
funding, the biofuels being produced need to have at least 60 percent
reductions in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels and be made
from waste materials. Potential bidders have until February 13, 2015, to
provide a detailed expression of interest, with full proposals due in June 2015. The
demonstration plants that are constructed as a result of this competition are
expected to produce one million liters or more of biofuel per year and be
operational by December
. Application
information for the Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Competition is available