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June 11, 2021

Workshop on GRACIOUS Approach to Quality Assessment of Nanosafety Data Will Be Held June 28

Lynn L. Bergeson Carla N. Hutton

On June 28, 2021, Gov4Nano will hold a workshop on the GRACIOUS approach to the quality assessment of nanosafety data. GRACIOUS, a European Union (EU) H2020 project, has proposed a methodology to facilitate the evaluation of quality and completeness for sets of nanomaterial physicochemical and (eco)toxicological data based on established criteria, i.e., completeness, reliability, relevance, and adequacy. Gov4Nano states that this approach “is unique in the sense that it can automatically assess data quality and completeness starting from the available (meta)data, thus minimising the reliance on expert judgment.” The goal is to advance further the methodology in the H2020 Gov4Nano project and implement it as a functionality of the eNanoMapper database to enable real-time analysis of each included dataset. Gov4Nano is organizing the workshop to present its approach and collect opinions on key aspects of the quality assessment methodology. According to Gov4Nano, the workshop will cover:

  • The background and purpose of the GRACIOUS approach for data quality assessment;
  • The detailed methodology for assessing data quality and completeness of physicochemical and hazard data sets;
  • How the approach can help to address stakeholder needs; and
  • How certain aspects of the methodology and its implementation in the eNanoMapper database can be improved.

Nano4Gov states that data experts and risk assessors from industry, regulation, and academia should attend.