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February 6, 2015

WRI Report Concludes Biofuels Competing With Food Sources


The World
Resources Institute (WRI)
issued a working paper, “Avoiding
Bioenergy Competition for Food Crops and Land
,” as part of its
series on “Creating
a Sustainable Food Future
.” The paper concludes that using
land for bioenergy purposes results in that land not being available for
growing food or animal feed, and, as such, urges policy changes that would
phase-out bioenergy and biofuel from crops. According
to a New York Times article
, the WRI report urges governments to
reconsider their reliance on biofuels. The Renewable
Fuels Association
issued a press
in response to the WRI report, stating that the report
makes hypothetical predictions but fails to substantiate its claims on
competition with food crops and land.