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July 9, 2021

NanoHarmony Survey Asks Stakeholders about Their Experiences with OECD Test Guidelines and Guidance Documents

Lynn L. Bergeson Carla N. Hutton

NanoHarmony aims to support the development of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) test guidelines (TG) and guidance documents (GD) for eight endpoints where nanomaterial-adapted test methods have been identified as a regulatory priority. NanoHarmony states that it is looking to create guidance for the development of other TGs and GDs in the future that will create a more efficient pathway to develop these. To help learn best practice in this area, the NanoHarmony project wants to hear from stakeholders about their experiences with TGs and GDs by asking people to share their experiences in a short survey. According to NanoHarmony, responses will provide valuable information and are vital to understanding the barriers in the TG and GD process and how these can be best overcome. According to NanoHarmony, the survey should take between 10 and 20 minutes and the number of questions varies between 12 and 28, depending on the respondent’s role in the TG/GD process. Participation is anonymous. The survey will close September 10, 2021.