August 31, 2023

EWG Will Host Summit on Future of Farm Subsidies

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) will host a “first-ever Summit on the future of farm subsidies featuring key experts, including leaders from the Heritage Foundation and other conservative voices” on September 5, 2023. According to EWG, the Summit will also feature experts from other organizations, including farm groups, and will feature a panel of congressional staff who work for leading subsidy reform advocates in Congress. EWG notes that the Future of Farm Subsidies Summit...
May 2, 2011

Nanodermatology Society Issues 2011 Position Statement on Sunscreens

In its 2011 position statement on sunscreens, the Nanodermatology Society states that it “believes that nano-based sunscreens do not pose serious health risks to consumers,” and agrees with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that “[z]inc and titanium-based formulations are among the safest, most effective, sunscreens on the market.” According to the position statement, this is based on the current evidence showing:...
March 12, 2010

FDA Responds to EWG’s Letter Concerning Sunscreen Guidelines

In a March 2, 2010 letter, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) July 15, 2009, letter concerning sunscreen guidelines. EWG criticized the FDA for not having guidelines for sunscreen safety and efficacy. According to EWG, companies continue to profit by misleading consumers about the protection offered by their products. EWG urged FDA to publish a final rule for its August 2007 draft sunscreen...