September 5, 2014

Industry News and Other Worthwhile Reads This Week

*, "Rethink Biofuel Sources, Not Biofuel Subsidies". *, "US and Chilean Navies Commit to Further Biofuel Research". *  The Airplanes Channel, "Boeing Backs Biofuel Derived from Tobacco". *  Your Renewable, "Complete Independence from Energy Generated from Fossil Fuels Is Possible". *  The Energy Collective, "What's the Goal and Point of National Biofuel Regulation?". *  ACS...
August 29, 2014

Industry News and Other Worthwhile Reads

  Novozymes press release, "The mature industry that keeps on growing – Novozymes Household Care in Latin America". Biomass magazine, "BioEnergy Institute result paves way for closed loop refineries". Ohio's Country Journal, "Cover crops make stover for biofuels more sustainable". Biomass magazine, "Geneticists develop tree biomass crop to grow on marginal lands". Cornell Chronicle, "Genetics used to improve plants for bioenergy"....